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who are we?

Welcome! we are offical VoIP Reseller authorized by Betamax GmbH& Co KG for its VoIP services in China, we have the qualification to resell all the VoIP product of Betamax:

voipstunt (rates)

voipcheap (rates)


voipbuster (rates)




The Voip Buster

Internetcalls - The Free Internet Calls Company

sparvoip (rates)

poivy (rates)

webcalldirect (rates)

netappel (rates)

 lowratevoip (rates)


12voip (rates)

 justvoip (rates)

 smsdiscount (rates)

 nonoh (rates)


  voipwise (rates)


dialnow (rates)

  VoipGain (rates)

calleasy (rates)

Smslisto (rates)



  Freecall (rates)


 intervoip (rates)


 actionvoip (rates)

voipzoom (rates)

 voipraider (rates)

 telbo (rates)

 Voipbusterpro (rates)

 Centervoip (rates) Promotion!

Jumblo (rates)


 VoipBlast (rates)

  Rynga (rates)

  Voipalot (rates)

  Budgetvoipcall (rates)

 Callpirates (rates)

 Callingcredit (rates)

 Cheapbuzzer (rate)

Cheapvoipcall (rates)

Cheapvoip (rates)

Cosmovoip (rates)

Dialcheap (rates)

Discountcalling (rates)

Easyvoip (rates)

Freevoipdeal (rates)

Frynga (rates)

Globalfreecall (rates)

Hotvoip (rates)

Pennyconnect (rates)

Powervoip (rates)

Rebvoice (rates)

SIPdiscount (rates)

Stuntcalls (rates)

Voipcaptain (rates)

Voipchief (rates)

Voipjumper (rates)

Voipmove (rates)

Voipsmash (rates)

Voipyo (rates)

Voipchief (rates)





 you can find detailed information on each site.

How to buy?

1.Online Recharge with internetbank

As long as you have internet bank, you can use this premium payment type to recharge your voip account within 1 minute! Click the link below to start:

2.Online Recharge with mobile recharge card


 Will forward to Paybone site. See an recharge example at here

2.Bank Transfer

Select purchase--Transfer payment--Get credits

Step one- Decide how much you want to buy, refer to the following price sheet:


Resell price






Resell price (product marked with 'Promotion!')*






Resell price of Voipraider,Voipalot





p.s.: For customer who want to pay in other currency instead of RMB, please contact us first.

Step two- Do the payment to one of the following bank accounts:


4563 5108 0002 3978 512



6225 8821 1018 3412



6227 0012 1749 0017 789



6222 0010 0110 0478 347



6228 4800 3001 4844 515


img1.gif 上海浦东发展银行(开户行:上海市分行)

6225 2201 0607 5534


img1.gif 交通银行(开户行:上海市分行)

6222 6001 1001 3851 519



6226 2202 8152 6615


Not having any bank accout of above?---You can also do the payment: Bring your passport or local identity and cash with you to any of the bank above which is nearby you(except Bank of China), ask for a transacation form and fill it, then you can do the payment! There is no extra fee for this!

 *: If you use Bank of China to do the payment, please use Instant transfer instead of Normal transfer, because normail transfer will take max 3 working days.

Step three- After payment, send an email to: voipfree@voipfree.cn with the following information:

  1. date and amount of payment;
  2. which bank you pay to;
  3. your bank account number;
  4. your voip username
  5. We check the payments daily and will top up your account or send you the voucher/account, that is it!

    P.S.: Please contact us after your payment as soon as possible by SMS or email on the same day of payment, otherwise it could cause delay to process your order and you might bear correspondent responsibility for any happened accident.

    *For customer outside China, we provide Moneybooker and Western Union as alternative payment methods, please mention that buyer should bear any correspondent transaction fee. If you want to pay by these alternative ways, please send us email first for detailed instructions.

    Any further quesiton can be addressed to: 13661557591


    Voipfree customer service

    Tel: +86 (0) 21 6226 4958

     Email: voipfree@voipfree.cn

    Address: Room2405 Floor24 Building1 No.258 Jiashan Rd., XuHui District, Shanghai, China 200031


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